Winter storm watch could disrupt Florida’s bragging season

Winter Storm Watch Florida Beach

Winter storm watch: You live in beautiful South Florida for so many reasons, the mild and sunny winters being on the top of your list. But this year’s usually warm “bragging season” as it is called, may experience a brief pause as forecasters expect a fierce winter storm to impact the area this week.

In fact, an extremely rare appearance of frost could make its way down to portions of Palm Beach and possibly Broward Counties, according to the Miami-based National Weather Service.

Northern areas of Florida may witness accumulation of snow and dangerous icy conditions the likes of which most residents have never seen.

The arctic blast’s East Coast reach is gripping from upper New England to Florida. Although much of the country would scoff at the concerns for the sunshine state, the shift in norm has residents, visitors, and officials gearing up for the occurrence of a substantial winter weather advisory.

Reports of South Florida seeing snowflakes are swirling around social media and leading to speculation of extraordinary atmospheric conditions which could facilitate a few frosty flakes even if temperatures remain in the mid to upper forties or beyond.

Most forecasters are focusing on the winter storm watch Wednesday overnight and into Thursday when temps are expected to plunge to their lowest of the season, the mid 30’s. Friday will likely bring more shivery numbers and a better chance for frost as the front continues to cause havoc for beach goers and tourists especially.

Palm Beach County is predicted to feel the 50’s on Thursday, Broward will remain in the 60’s. Heading into the first weekend of 2018, Friday and Saturday may hover in the 60’s with temperatures rebounding into the 70’s by Sunday, once again restoring South Florida’s bragging rights.

As more information becomes available, we’ll be sure to bring you the latest on South Florida’s weather.



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