Would you drink a Pickle Juice slushie? Sonic thinks you want one

Sonic pickle juice slushes

Sonic, the drive-in or walk-up fast food staple, prides itself on offering endless options for your drink selection. Perhaps those options have become too, uh, optional. Beginning in June, the company will offer pickle juice syrup as an add in for any of its drinks or menu items. Yes, you may soon savor the pickle juice slush you’ve always dreamed of.

Sonic is not the only provider to jump on the pickle band wagon. Pickle-flavored potato chips are a bona-fide hit with snackers. Pickle-juice infused vodka is popping up at trendy watering holes, and pickle snow cones are legendary treats in the desert Southwest.

Clearly, the world is already full of pickle-y choices. But the company referred to as “America’s drive-in” may have escalated the pickle craze into an entirely new realm. Imagine the possibilities…

  • Pickle milkshakes, extra whipped cream
  • Hot fudge and pickle sundaes
  • Pickle juice iced coffee
  • Pickle tots with cheese
  • Diet Coke with a splash of pickle juice

The salty/briney-sweet flavor of dill pickle – is it just me, or do you think a pregnancy craving is behind all of this? – can be pumped into or onto any of Sonic’s customizable menu items. You are limited only by your imagination (and stomach).

Sonic restaurants nationwide will begin offering pickle syrup in June. Prepare to pucker.


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